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Professor Yin Jia

The 21th century: professor Yin Jia as the director of the department of allergy in PUMCH.
Create Chinese Allergy and Clinical Immunology, which is the first professional academic journal for Chinese allergists.
As the chairman of the allergology branch of Chinese Medical Association. As the executive directors of Asia Pacific Allergy and Clinical Immunology Organization.The first Chinese winner of international prominent allergy physician award by the ACAAI.

Professor Qiao Bingshan

Mr. Qiao bingshan is engaged in allergen technology since 1972. He successively held the posts of technician, supervising technician and associate senior technologist. As the expert of allergen, he has developed more than 200 local allergen extracts for clinic in China.
Individual monograph:‘Experimental technology of allergy’,‘Color Atlas of Air-borne Pollens and Plants in China’etc.
Participate in writing:‘Survey of Air-borne sensitizing fungus in China’, ‘Color Atlas of Air-borne Pollens and in China’ and ‘Air-borne sensitizing Pollens in China`etc.
Since 1980s, he was appointed as a principal lecturer of the National Allergy Train Course held by the Peking Union Medical College Hospital.
At present he holds the position of the Technical Director of Beijing Macro-Union pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Professor Ye Shitai

60s-80s of the 20th century: Professor Ye Shitai as the director of the department of allergy in PUMCH. In1986, he established the national allergology academic organization-Allergology group of the Microbiological and Immunological Society. In1987,he Won National Award for Science and Technology Progress, because of his achievement in anti allergy medication. Author of Allergies ,Practical Allergology and other books.Since 1982,he began to hold national allergy training class.By now,the training course has been held 38 times and has trained more than three thousands Chinese allergy physicians.